• July 3, 2024

Master Courses in Australia for International Students in 2024

Australia is home to several top universities offering a wide range of master’s and postgraduate courses. These programs cover diverse fields, providing undergraduates with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, and professional network.

The multicultural environment and advanced technological resources create an ideal setting for pursuing postgraduate education. In this article, we will explore the top master’s courses in Australia for international students in 2024, including their duration and annual costs in short.

Why Study Master’s Courses in Australia?

Australia provides numerous benefits to international students pursuing master’s degrees. Here are some key advantages of studying in Australia:

✓ High living standards

✓ Academic excellence

✓ Popular travel destinations

✓ Financial aid options

✓ Potential for immigration

✓ High-ranked universities

✓ Multicultural environment

✓ Strong job prospects

✓ Access to health insurance

Best Master’s Courses to Study in Australia

If you want to increase your chances of getting permanent residency after finishing your degree, you should choose a qualification that is in demand in Australia in 2024. To help you, HardFord Education have put together a list of the best courses to study in Australia. These courses offer skills that will help you find a job and improve your chances of successful immigration.

Students should choose master’s courses that offer the best value for their investment. Here are some of the top courses for international students in Australia:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA covers business processes and concepts, preparing students for roles in management, finance, and marketing. It’s a degree with a high return on investment. In 2024, the average MBA fee for international students increased to $69,186 up from $67,810 in 2023.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years full-time
  • Average Cost: $69,186 per year

Master of Computer Science

This program enhances students’ knowledge of computer science fundamentals and advanced topics like AI, machine learning, and software engineering. On average, international students typically pay between 10,000 to 83,000 AUD per year. However, many universities provide scholarships that can significantly lower tuition costs. These scholarships vary, with some covering up to 50% of the tuition fees.

  • Duration: 2 years full-time
  • Cost: 10,000 to 83,000 AUD per year

Master of Cybersecurity

Specializing in network security, cryptography, and digital forensics, this course addresses the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals. The total tuition fees for a Master’s in Cyber Security in Australia vary from 58,620 to 103,057 AUD. The range in tuition fees reflects different university offerings and the duration of the program.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years full-time
  • Cost: 58,620 to 103,057 AUD per year

Master of Data Science

This program teaches students to collect, analyze, and interpret large datasets, making it one of the best degrees for PR in Australia.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 28,000 to AUD 53,000 per year

Master of Civil Engineering

Students learn about planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure, with opportunities for hands-on research.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 31,000 to AUD 51,000 per year

Master of Mathematical Sciences

This course covers advanced mathematics, preparing graduates for research or quantitative roles in various fields.

  • Duration: 1 to 3 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 25,000 to AUD 53,000 per year

Master of Science in Pharmacy

This degree prepares pharmacists for specialized careers in drug formulation, synthesis, and more, with opportunities in R&D and clinical practice.

  • Duration: 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 39,000 to AUD 61,000 per year

Master of Laws in International, Commercial, and Human Rights

This program offers specialized knowledge in areas such as international law, commercial law, and human rights law.

  • Duration: 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 37,000 to AUD 51,000 per year

Master of Arts in Economics, Sociology, or International Relations

Students explore core topics and specialized areas, developing skills in research, data analysis, and critical evaluation.

  • Duration: 1 to 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 31,000 to AUD 45,000 per year

Master of Agriculture and Forestry

This program addresses challenges in agricultural economics and resource management, enhancing research skills in plant physiology, animal nutrition, and more.

  • Duration: 2 years full-time
  • Cost: AUD 32,000 to AUD 50,000 per year

Note: Scholarships and waivers are available to significantly reduce tuition fees. They are typically awarded based on academic performance, English proficiency tests, and SOPs.


Australia universities provides outstanding opportunities for undergraduates to excel in their chosen fields through globally renowned universities and top-notch education. Master’s courses from Australian universities span diverse fields such as business administration, economics, computer science, civil engineering and many more. One should understand that tuition fees and program durations for each degrees differs based on the subject and level of universities. If you’re seeking affordable and sought-after master’s programs, reach out to our experts at HardFord Education. We offer comprehensive guidance and support to navigate your educational journey in Australia effectively.