Message From Chairman

Mahesh Shrestha


Welcome to You,

With the development of science and technology and the Internet, the world entered into the Information Communication and Technology (ICT) age. Simultaneously, the concept of globalization emerged around the globe. It made the world like a small village and one can get global information within a second. Maybe this is the crucial reason that currently huge number of students moving one country to another for quality education and to be a competitive global citizen.

It is true that many students are leaving the nation for further study every day. Almost all students take counseling from consultancies which are easily available in the market. However, it is also true that all are not getting good information. It has made several negative impact on them in abroad. In this scenario, it is the current requisite to grant correct information to students as well as parents.

It is obvious that what we find in prospects and in the website about the university / college / school and actually what they are in real is different things. One cannot print and keep all information about them on the website. Meantime it can be the responsibility of consultancy to provide useful information what an individual wants and it's his/her right too.

Dear parents and learners, we promise you to provide correct information as much as we can. There are professional counselors and teachers who provide information and knowledge addressing your queries. I personally request to the students to come with parents or guardian in consultancy to take information.

I wish for your better career
Thank you!!